Piping ToolBox

All about piping engineering and calculation in your pocket

Why Resistor Calculator?

Includes most of topics related to piping
Beautiful and simple design
Complex calculations done with simple taps
Accuracy, simplicity and beauty included

Our Story

Most of the engineers involving in projects, should have many books, files and resources to compile information and often they spend a lot of times for manual and computer calculations, which are harder and sometimes impossible.

PipingToolBox is a new platform that lets the piping and mechanical engineers to access these required information in a swift and accurate manner.

Any information about design and fabrication of piping system are gathered by PipingToolBox and in new updated versions we are going to release these topics:

Line Blanks


You can access diverse topics of Piping Engineering in one place.

Easy to use

With easy to use design and multi-level menus, you can access to your desired data easily.

Accurate data

As a handy app, you can rely on our data. We’re testing and reviewing data permanently.


We support both iOS and Android devices simultaneously.

"Great app for designing piping systems and piping calculations like never before."